John Sachtouras is a dynamic, multi-lingual entrepreneur and marketing strategist.

He has owned, managed, and consulted for multi-million dollar businesses in the USA and Latin America, and was responsible for daily operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.

John has also consulted on a number of private multi-million-dollar mid-size companies, and a nationwide franchise corporation in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate re-structure, e-commerce, market expansion, and management growth with exceptional results. He has also conducted sales and training seminars throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. He was the founder of various training seminars for personal development and leadership since 2002 and conducted thousands of business presentations and training around the world.

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I take this opportunity to congratulate you for being here.

I love that you are a limitless person, that is, you do what you can to progress beyond what you currently believe is possible. So, when you do what others don’t do, you can live what others can’t.

Remember “Never Give Up”.

SIR Dr. John Sachtouras
Founder & CEO ASCIRA.

His success is attributed to incredible persistence, and a laser-like focus, years of diligent work, and ongoing self-development; most importantly, his NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

Ascira is the company for the people, and John's latest venture.


Don & Melinda Boyer and Mr. John Sachtouras are the executive producers of the multiple award-winning film

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